Vol.2 No.8


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Focusing on serial slayers who escaped justice for more than a decade, “They Almost Got Away” is a star-studded issue featuring household names like “Green River Killer” Gary Ridgway, “Red Ripper” Andrei Chikatilo, and “Dating Game Killer” Rodney Alcala… well, if your household is that of the Addams Family. Cathy Scott, Robert J. Hoshowsky, Dr. Katherine Ramsland, and FBI agent Mark Safarik recount these incredible cases in which 50+ victims are suspected of being killed. Next, Carol Anne Davis write of the notorious Peter Tobin, a sexually-sadistic Scottish psychopath who murdered at least three young females, and is thought to be Glasgow’s elusive Bible John. Having primarily killed African-American prostitutes, “Southside Strangler” Chester Turner preyed and was captured with shockingly little media coverage, as exposed by Kim Cresswell. Finally, Grinning Man Press owners Aaron Elliott and Lee Mellor give you the rundown on geriatric necrophile Joseph Naso and his victims. Did we mention his pantyhose and creepy mannequins?

“They Almost Got Away” is a twisted collection of tales about human predators who nearly evaded justice despite murdering scores of people. Ask yourself: how many are still out there?