Vol.2 No.7


Serial Killer Quarterly is an electronic magazine, available in PDF format for your computer, tablet, smart phone or Kindle reader.


Grinning Man Press concludes the summer of 2015 by thrusting your head through an ink blot portal into a psychedelic nightmare of homicidal hallucination and deadly delusion. Dr. Katherine Ramsland explores the psychotic psyche of Santa Cruz schizophrenic Herb Mullin who offered 13 people up as sacrifices to Mother Nature to prevent earthquakes. Journalist Robert J Hoshowsky goes above and beyond, interviewing police detectives to piece together the story of the little-known mentally disordered “Pantyhose Murderer” Douglas McCaul, a long-forgotten Canadian serial killer  believed to have claimed up to six victims in Toronto and southern Ontario in the 1970s. Soon after, the suburbs of Sacramento, California were terrorized by vampire Richard Trenton Chase. Aaron Elliott & Lee Mellor map the gory trail of this rakish Renfield who butchered men, women, and children and devoured their body parts to replenish his blood supply which Nazi UFOs were turning to dust. Compelled to kill everybody in the world by a disembodied head called “Charlie”, Philadelphia shoemaker Joseph Kallinger embarked on a series of brutal murders and rapes aided by his young son, as revealed through words and images by staff writer Kim Cresswell. Four years later, the City of Brotherly Love was shaken once more when an escaped captive led police to the basement dungeon of Gary Heidnik. Carol Anne Davis tells the horrific tale of this schizoid millionaire with the football-shaped head who imprisoned young black women in a pit and subjected them to constant rape, starvation, and torture. Finally, the wonderfully quirky Edgar-award honoured Burl Barer makes a final return to SKQ, evoking a little sympathy for the devil in his exploration of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and child abuse as factors in the murders of cannibalistic cross dresser Hadden Clark. Tighten your grip on reality, cos serial murder doesn’t get much crazier than this!