Vol.2 No.6


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This second installment in Serial Killer Quarterly‘s” Fatal Fetishists” series – in which we examine the history’s most perverted multiple murderers – begins with editor-in-chief Lee Mellor’s account of Albert Fish, the geriatric paraphiliac who tortured, killed, cooked, and dined on children in 1920s-1930s NYC. Our talented staff writer Robert J Hoshowsky steps up to a feature length article on the notorious necrophile Jeffrey Dahmer, while true crime veteran Michael Newton draws upon his personal correspondences to look at the case of his former nemesis: the feces-loving self-proclaimed cannibal and corpse defiler, Gerard John SchaeferDr. Katherine Ramsland is back once more to examine Texas’s creepiest killer, Charles Albright, who excised and made off with his victims’ eyeballs. The story of Jane Toppan reveals a most unusual case of sexual deviance in a female murderer, as recounted by Grinning Man co-founder Aaron Elliott. Finally, Karen D. Scioscia returns with a terrific double-whammy, writing about two of Europe’s most depraved and deadly serial slayers, the pensioner-raping “Stockwell Strangler” Kenneth Erskine, and Danilo Restivo, who had a thing for women’s hair. With the controversial and outspoken comic book writer Hart D Fisher popping in for an interview, “Fatal Fetishists II” is a terrifying romp through humanity’s deadliest and dirtiest deviants. No kid gloves here. You have been warned!