Vol.2 No.5


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“Fatal Fetishists” is the fifth and filthiest installation of Serial Killer Quarterly, peering into the world of fetishism and paraphilia like a voyeur outside a sorority house window. The issue is spearheaded by Peter Vronsky’s thorough dissection of the serial killer Richard Cottingham – who the author literally bumped into while the “Torso Ripper” was fleeing a burning Hell’s Kitchen crime scene – and the “geography of paraphilia” of 1970s New York City that fed his deadly perversions. Michael Newton looks at the cases of bondage-obsessive Harvey Murray Glatman, the first serial slayer to photograph his victims, and the notorious “Plainfield Ghoul” Ed Gein whose house of horrors inspired the movies Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Silence of the Lambs. Where Gein’s acts of cannibalism were never confirmed, crossbow-wielding Englishman Stephen Griffiths openly boasted of devouring his three known victims. Carol Anne Davis looks at this fame hungry 40-year-old, a man with a history of extreme violence who hid his homicidal urges in plain sight while studying criminology at a Bradford University. Lee Mellor draws from police interrogation videos to delve into the twisted psyche of another Brit, Ronald Jebson, the killer Cockney pedophile behind the deaths of the infamous “Babes in the Woods”, while Aaron Elliott writes of a chilling incidence of sexual sadism meeting foot fetishism in his article on Dayton Leroy Rogers. Prepare for 74 pages of fascination and repulsion that just might tear you in two! “Fatal Fetishists II” will follow in May.