Vol. 2 Christmas


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This Christmas we bring you “Lustmord: Murder in German” featuring the stories of six sex slayers from Austria and Germany. The great Harold Schechter returns once more to chronicle the crimes of “Vampire of Dusseldorf” Peter Kurten – a well-dressed Weimar Republic gent who found the sight of blood orgasmic! Years earlier in Hanover, Fritz Haarman bit through the windpipes of and butchered at least 25 young males. Carol Anne Davis meticulously recounts the story of this homicidal homosexual who sold his victims’ remains as meat to the starving people of post-war Germany.

Karen D. Scioscia warps us back to sixteenth century Bedburg, where farmer Peter Stumpp was tortured to death for allegedly being a killer werewolf. Stumpp’s execution directly contrasts with the case of Jack Unterweger, a convicted sex sadist who used his literary charm to convince the Austrian intelligentsia to campaign for his release. When Unterweger walked out of prison a minor celebrity, prostitutes around Vienna and Graz began to disappear. Dr. Katherine Ramsland and Gregg O. McCrary tell of this Teutonic Ted Bundy whose murderous reach extended to Prague and Los Angeles.

Having housed a fascinating array of murderers, the German-speaking countries were also terrorized by Sylvestre Matuschka, a Serbian with a kink for blowing up trains, and “Ruhr Hunter” Joachim Kroll whose homicidal career came to an abrupt end when a child’s lungs were flushed out of the plumbing in his apartment building. SKQ’s Robert J. Hoshowsky and Kim Cresswell return to tell their stories.

From the time that an entire Roman legion disappeared in the black northern forests to the mechanized genocides of the National Socialists, Germany and Austria have harboured a long line of ferocious killers who have taken violence to unprecedented levels. Think you’re ready for the worst of them?